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Musicians available for hire for a party or event

Looking for some entertainment for a party or event in Edmonton and area? Contact us via email, we can help!

Fundamental Things is a project featuring Myra Marshall on vocals and Robert Renman on guitar. We also perform as a 4-piece band at times. Blues, jazz, country, rock and roots music are styles we cover.

Myra Marshall is an enthusiastic performer with over two decades of experience under her belt. She is a strong vocalist who sings lead vocals in many different styles of music.

Robert Renman is an accomplished guitar player who plays both acoustic guitar and electric guitar, as well as electric bass. He is a full time online guitar teacher with students from all over the world.

The music Fundamental Things plays goes from Country and Blues to Jazz and Pop and Roots. If you would like a certain style of music for an evening, contact the group and we will tailor the music for your needs. Examples of songs are listed below.

Myra Marshall Band

Song list

This group plays a variety of styles of music. Here is a sample set list:

Our friends in Toronto have a pretty cool service - Superhero Parties Toronto that is worth checking out.

Christmas Music


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You can Contact us via email.

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